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My Approach

When I work with advancement organizations, I tailor my approach to the institution’s identity and the maturity of the advancement organization. I focus on identifying root causes – whether acute or systemic – that impact their ability to thrive. I am a consultative collaborator who can empathize about a challenge and strategize to identify a plausible solution. I rely not only on my industry knowledge and experience, but I also leverage my network and industry research. I do not promise what I cannot deliver, and I treat the team and stakeholders with respect.


Colgate University
Fordham University Gabelli School of Business
Piedmont Community College
Tennessee State University Foundation
Rock Balancing

Who should partner with me?


  • New to mid-career chief advancement officers who seek an experienced counselor to help steer their course and achieve exceptional results

  • Institutional leaders (presidents, vice presidents or board chairs) in need of a programmatic assessment and/or interim advancement leadership to shepherd an organization as they search for a permanent VP or AVP

  • Advancement leaders seeking short- or medium-term coaching for their frontline staff


Why work with me?  

  • You want a fresh perspective to help you diagnose issues and determine solutions

  • You need an ally to help you navigate the political landscape and manage expectations with board members or other institutional leaders

  • You have a leadership gap at the VP or AVP level that needs to be filled 

  • Your fundraisers need a mentor or thought partner to meet their success metrics

  • You seek advice on a your fundraising program's structure or your institution's campaign readiness  

What differentiates me from other consultants?

  • Leadership track record – Achieved exceptional fundraising results while simultaneously building great organizations by addressing structural issues including staffing structure, compensation imbalances, recruitment challenges, and the need to implement DEI initiatives

  • Breadth of Experience

    • Public institutions: University of Maryland College Park

    • Private institutions: Johns Hopkins University, Cornell University, Rice University

    • Academic medicine: Duke Health-Duke Cancer Institute

    • Schools/Colleges served: Arts & Sciences, Business, Continuing Studies, Engineering, Humanities, Music, Social Sciences

  • Representation – One of only a handful of people of color who have led higher education institutions in $1B+ campaigns, and most recently, the only woman of color leading advancement at a CASE 50 institution

  • Transformative philanthropy – Secured record-breaking 8 and 9-figure gifts for venerable institutions

What outcomes can you expect?

  • I will recommend clear, actionable solutions that are feasible for the budget, human capital, circumstance and organizational culture  

  • I will help improve your capacity for results and help you build a sustainable program 

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